The Conduct Science Podcast

Resolutions and James Webb Space Telescope

January 12, 2022

This week on The Conduct Science Podcast, WELCOME TO SEASON 3!!!!!! The boys are back and ready to get on with season 3. What would an episode be without some jumping around to different topics and start as you mean to go on as they say. The boys start out with some of the hottest science news to come out over the winter break covering fusion technology to antimatter discoveries. Mitch kicks off the first show of the year with a rant about congestion charges being implemented which leads to a nice discussion around the topic and how it affects the average person compared to companies who really make a difference. Mitch tells us his secret to success for getting new year’s resolutions completed and the boys discuss how they go about their own resolutions and the ones they have for the year. Lastly, and certainly not least Tom and Mitch talk in depth about the James Webb Space Telescope and extraordinary piece of machinery that will change our understanding of the universe. Music: MOKKA No Copyright Music

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