The Conduct Science Podcast

Special and Visual Effects

November 24, 2021

This week on The Conduct Science Podcast, join Mitch and Tom as they dive into the world of special and visual effects! Grab your popcorn and sit back (unless you are driving) as the boys investigate the magic… or science… behind the movies! Mitch introduces three scenarios in which the science behind movies was seriously flawed while the boys tangent about stupid animals in experiments and the great resignation which we are experiencing at this moment. Eventually, when the boys get back on track they explore exactly what special and visual effects are and how they came to be. Tom looks at Lord of the Rings and the Schüfftan process and the amazing tech behind 2001: A Space Odyssey. Mitch explores CGI, motion capture, green screens, and composite imaging! Check us out on Twitter @Conduct_Science and Insta @ConductSciencePodcast. Music:

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