The Conduct Science Podcast

The Microfiber Innovation Challenge

March 18, 2022

Today the boys welcome BACK to the show: our first ever returning guests Dr. Barbara Martinez from Conservation XLabs and Krystle Moody-Wood from Materevolve. These two amazing guests have come back on the show to give us an update and ANNOUNCE THE WINNERS of the $525,000 prize pool for the Microfiber Innovation Challenge. If you did not catch the first time these guys spoke then do not worry the boys inquire into the work of Barbara and Krystle and how the COVID-19 pandemic and other factors have influenced sustainability in the textile world. Then the all-important announcement is made with a refresher on what the competition is about and why it is important. To end the show Barbara and Krystle explain to the boys about the future of sustainable fashion and textiles and what that could look like. Maybe the boys will host a runway show to present all the future fashion ;) Music: Mokka Music on YouTube

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