The Conduct Science Podcast

Vocal Learning with Dr. Erich Jarvis

November 12, 2021

This time on The Conduct Science Podcast, Tom is joined by one of the most influential vocal learning scientists to have ever lived: Dr. Erich Jarvis. This is an awesome interview that covers vocal learning, the trait that allows humans to sing, speak, dance, play and create music, and fundamentally is responsible for culture. Why is it that humans have a language? Why is it that our closest relatives are unable to speak? Find out here! Tom digs into the ever-evolving world of vocal learning with Dr. Jarvis to find out what it is, why we see it in the animals that we see, and more! They also talk about how COVID has impacted the working scientists and Dr. Jarvis' latest projects that include gene sequencing all mammals and how their work is influencing COVID research. Music:

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