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New topics every week from neuroscience to climate change, from the deep ocean to deep space. Tom and Mitch will guide you through science with the help of expert scientific guests.

This week on the Method Section, Tom explains the process of writing a scientific paper. Something that he has much experience with at an academic level he now invites you to join him on the beginning of his journey of his MSc. thesis in the neuroscience of marine mammals. In the latter half of the show Tom reviews his favourite part of the brain so far, the Corpus Callosum, and why it is so. Music by: Joakim Karud -

This week on The Method Section, Tom talks about mathematics and statistics. While it is an obvious asset to any scientist it also stands as a barrier for many people entering the professional science field, not because their maths isn’t good enough but because they are afraid it isn’t. Tom tackles this misconception as someone who is making his way into the field right now and dealing with maths and with the experience of active scientists he forms this advice. Music by: Joakim Karud -

Welcome back to The Method Section! Tom returns with his deep dive series into scientific discussions! This week he is talking about decompression sickness, a well-studied and understood phenomena in human scuba divers but something thought impossible for the diving animals of our world. Recent studies however are turning that view on its head and here you can find out how that’s happening and why that’s important! Stay tuned to the Method Section! Music by: Joakim Karud -

This week on The Method Section, Tom looks at the processes of colonising another planetary body. Rather than the technology and what we would hope to achieve that we normally hear about, if colonists did settle on Mars what laws would they follow, what nationality would they belong to? Something to learn from history is the mental health problems associated with pioneer colonists, what problems can we expect Martian colonists or explorers to face and how do they plan to deal with it? Music by: Joakim Karud -


Welcome to the Conduct Science Podcast variety show! This week we don’t have a topic and are answering questions that we found interesting and intriguing. Tom takes you through the history of space waste, how much humanity could hope to explore the universe and whether the T-rex was actually aquatic! While Mitch brings you into his world of cybersecurity exploring denial of service and the slow loris attacks. Music by: Joakim Karud -

This week on The Method Section, Tom is taking a look at obedience and the Milgram experiment. There have been many times throughout history where people have committed atrocious acts but their defence, as was the case with Eichmann and the holocaust, was they were following orders. At what point do orders overtake morality and ethics of an individual? And even in an experiment testing this were scientific moral protocols broken? Find out in The Method Section! Music by: Joakim Karud -


This week on the conduct science podcast Tom and Mitch decide to intervene on the topic of addiction. Take everything you thought you knew about addiction and discard it, a trip through history will reveal why we think what we do about addiction and what we now know. The guys take you on a crash course through drug addiction and treatment, video game addiction and the ever more important, social media addiction. Come find out how these things are affecting your mental state! Music by: Joakim Karud -

This week on the Method Section, Tom guides you through coding bootcamps! A new and booming industry aiming to shortcut many eager students into the tech industry. Here Tom discusses what they are like compared to university or college degrees, if they are worth it, the jobs you can expect to find yourself in, the salary you can expect to make among much more. Tom uses real data collected from the coding bootcamps themselves to give advice on how to choose where to go and if it is right for you! You too can find the data at Music by: Joakim Karud -


This week on The Conduct Science Podcast, Tom and Mitch take a close up look at morality. Debating some moral dilemmas, is it nature or nurture and lots of the main moral theories presented in today’s world and throughout history, from Kant and deontological theory to Mill and utilitarianism. What do they try to achieve, is there a best one and where do our hosts stand? Music by: Joakim Karud -

This week on The Method Section, Tom is combatting bad science. He explores who is at fault when it comes down to performing and publishing bad science and the effects that it has on both the scientific and public worlds. Bad science led to the worst public health crisis scene in over a hundred years… anti-vaccination groups, find out how this started and how we can combat it. Music by: Joakim Karud -

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