The Conduct Science Podcast

Ice Ice Baby

February 9, 2022

This week on The Conduct Science Podcast, join Mitch and Tom as they take a winding road to eventually speak about ICE! CONTENT WARNING: This episode starts with a discussion around the topic of euthanasia (timestamp = 03:30-19:30), feel free to skip to the end of this section if you do not wish to hear about this. The boys tangent right out of the gate this time speaking about euthanasia and the ethical dilemma that the world faces when choosing whether to allow people to follow this path or not. Eventually the boys pull themselves back on track where they talk about the medicine using chimpanzees and boomerang physics. Moving onto the topic of Ice 30 minutes into the show find all of your ice facts! Turns out water and its solid state is actually quite strange when compared to other substances. Tom talks about glaciers and Mitch informs us on ice coring. Music: MOKKA Music.

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