The Conduct Science Podcast

The Universe II - Take 2

November 17, 2021

This week on The Conduct Science Podcast the boys solve the universe?! Stick around toward the end of the episode to find out the boys’ new theory on how space is created! Along the way though join the boys as they give some updates about the goings on of COP26 and other science (or not) news of the world. The boys take a bit of a tangent to talk about ARCANE, the new League of Legends Netflix show, before returning back to the topic. Do you own gold that was forged in the fires of a black hole rather than a star? What is the Cosmic Web and how did it kick start the formation of the universe as we know it? Mitch details what we know about dark matter and dark energy allowing the creation of a revolutionary hypothesis. Find us wherever pods are cast and on twitter @Conduct_science. Music:

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